Things to do in Georgetown, Kentucky

This article will discuss the most popular attractions in this small Kentucky town where everyone knows your name. These are just part of all that this city has to offer visitors and residents, alike.

It's not often a city can claim to have been founded by one of the Founding Fathers but Georgetown, Kentucky was indeed founded by none other than James Madison who had an estate here at the time! The city features several historic sites including his estate. Unfortunately, the original building burned down but there are plans underway to recreate it soon.

The community is also home to the largest dollhouse in America which sits on top of a hill overlooking downtown Georgetown. This enormous structure is now featured on postcards and t-shirts.

Georgetown is rich in American history with the first-ever geological survey commissioned here under President John Quincy Adams. The city celebrates this heritage every year at the three-day-long festival called 'Shaken, not Stirred: The Spirit of America!' This event features bluegrass musicians, craftsmen, dancing, art exhibits, even a beard contest! It's family-friendly so bring your kids along to enjoy all that Georgetown has to offer. Last but certainly never least is the annual Bourbon Festival hosted by Buffalo Trace Distillery that offers visitors tastings of several different types of bourbon whiskey including their world-famous Pappy Van Winkle brand. If you're a bourbon fan, you won't want to miss this event!

Georgetown is a small city with big attractions like some of the oldest buildings in America and some of the biggest dollhouses you've ever seen. For those who love history, there's plenty to see here. Those who love Kentucky will enjoy its bourbon distilleries and scenic views while families can spend their days enjoying amusement parks and waterparks or simply relaxing along with one of our peaceful rivers and creeks. However you decide to spend your time, we're sure you'll find just what you're looking for right here in Georgetown, KY!


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