Greenbrier Golf & Country Club

Greenbrier Golf & Country Club is located in the British Virgin Islands, British West Indies.

The club is a very overpriced exclusive resort over an entire island that only has one golf course which was built in 2001. The cost of living there is high due to direct flights from all over the world and a fantastic private airport with room to spare for small planes. It's a great place for vacationers and people who want to get away from it all as it's about 4 miles offshore on its own private beach island with sandy beaches and pure white sand. Tourists flock here every year as this part of the Polynesian islands as well as many other groups such as retired individuals, company executives taking their staff, celebrities, politicians, and other wealthy people who can afford it. It has a reputation of being one of the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean and it's also for sale for $60 million.

The island is kept beautiful with constant cleaning and maintenance, Trash removal, and all staffing costs are paid by the resort. If you like privacy, this place will suit you very well since there doesn't seem to be any low flying planes or yachts that can see into your private pool or beach area from any angle. The only way to access the island is through your boat or plan when arriving from Tortola which is about 5 miles away from shore in open water.





Points Of Interest:

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Raven Run Nature Sanctuary
Shadwell Farm
Greenbrier Golf & Country Club


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