Blue Haven Farm Airport-14KY

Blue Haven Farm Airport-14KY is a public airport located in Lexington, KY. The airport's name is Blue Haven Farm Airport not to be confused with Bluegrass Field or Blue Grass Airport, which are recreational areas rather than airports.

Blue Haven Farm Airport-14KY has one asphalt runway that is 11,135 feet long and 40 feet wide with space for parking of 66 aircraft. The facility offers small plane fuel service at all times and hangar rentals are available on a monthly or annual basis. There are some local claims that the airport has the highest number of flight operations per year in Kentucky despite being relatively new on the scene compared to its more established counterparts around Lexington, among them Blue Grass Field/Airport. It is also claimed that many private pilots prefer 14KY over Blue Grass Airport in spite of the fact that Bluegrass is much closer to town because it is easier to taxi, less crowded, and has a longer runway.

There are numerous events hosted annually by the airport including the Bluegrass Fly-in Breakfast, an open house event with food vendors, free airplane rides provided by local pilots, helicopter rides, etc. The Kentucky STEAM Expo at 14KY features hands-on activities for kids who are interested in science, math technology engineering, and construction projects.







Points Of Interest:

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Blue Haven Farm Airport-14KY
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