Lexington KY

Lexington KY is known as the horse capital of the world. As a visitor or resident here, you will notice that there are thoroughbred horses everywhere. You might even see them running around in their paddocks. They are so plentiful that visitors need to be careful what road they take because it could have an offshoot that leads straight to one of the many barns where the horses live. Visitors may never see Lexington KY without spotting a horse, but it is also home for other animals too!

You will find any type of wildlife roaming around rural communities close to Lexington KY. There are deer, squirrels, and foxes, but rarely have mountain lions or bears been spotted within city limits. The only time one would see these types of animals is when they have been freed from their cages, or escaped from the zoo.

In addition to nature, Lexington KY also offers a more urban side of things. There are many boutiques and restaurants located on South Limestone Street where visitors can find some unique things while they eat at one of the various fine dining establishments. You may even be able to purchase a hand-made necklace while you're there! Looking for credible furnace repair Lexington KY pros? Call our team today!

If you're looking for a little bit more excitement in your life after visiting Lexington KY, then head over to Keeneland Race Track. This racetrack is not only home to the most prestigious horse races, but it's fun for people of all ages who love betting on horses or eating great food while watching them race.

Points Of Interest:

Kentucky Horse Park
Blue Haven Farm Airport-14KY
Raven Run Nature Sanctuary
Shadwell Farm
Greenbrier Golf & Country Club


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