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Your cooling system is a major component in your home and business – one that is also a major investment. As with any type of large investment, keeping your AC system well maintained is essential to its longevity as well as its efficiency. This is precisely why you should trust our AC maintenance Georgetown experts.

Just as you have your car maintained regularly to keep it running long after you drive it off the lot, scheduled maintenance practices are an important part of keeping a healthy air conditioner for years to come as well. 

Protecting your HVAC investment with professional maintenance is a critical step toward ensuring it not only lasts but also saves you money for the long haul.

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“Unfortunately our air conditioner went out during a heat wave leaving us miserable. I had used Ware’s Heating and Cooling before with great results so I called them again. To my surprise Matt was able to get to our house the same day to diagnose the problem. He presented us with options and pricing without leaving our house. We decided to totally replace our downstairs a/c and furnace. I was expecting to wait at least a week for service and parts. I was shocked when they were able to schedule us within a day and a half. On installation day 2 techs came by. Kody and James went above and beyond. They ran into some difficulties beyond their control due to the placement of our existing unit. They had to spend extra time and effort and we’re willing to do so without complaint. It’s not often you find such hard working and friendly technicians. We could not have been more satisfied with our experience including a very competitive price. Thank you Matt and Crew. “

-Howard Hall

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A/C Maintenance Isn’t A Mindless Service

With so much riding on the health of your AC system, making sure it’s maintained by truly qualified AC maintenance Versailles technicians is key to its lifespan. Maintenance services are so much more than simply keeping your filters swapped out regularly. They provide an invaluable inspection that safeguards things such as:

  • Electrical hazards and equipment wear. Regular maintenance allows a certified technician to catch potential hazards as well as make minor adjustments and repairs before they become major problems.
  • Optimal air quality and comfort. By ensuring not just your filters are clean, but also the coils, vents, and mechanical components, you can rest assured the air in your environment is healthy and clear from allergens and debris.
  • Improved energy efficiency. From time to time, your thermostat may need to be recalibrated or various components in your system may require minor adjusting. While it may seem minimal, these issues can lead to higher energy costs if left alone for long.

Our comprehensive maintenance routines will ensure your cooling systems are not only well-maintained but optimized for peak efficiency and energy savings as well. That’s the difference between a mindless swap of filters and a quality, professional maintenance inspection.

Shift From Reactive to Proactive

While you may be tempted to wait until there’s an issue before calling in the professionals, we ask again that you consider thinking of your HVAC system as an investment – much like your car. Would you wait until your car stops running before taking it to a mechanic? It makes more sense to take it in for routine oil changes than it does to wait for the engine to freeze up from a lack of regular maintenance, doesn’t it?

Your HVAC system operates with the same logic. Regular maintenance is the proactive approach to protecting your cooling system investment, versus the reactive approach of calling only when something is wrong.

HVAC systems are a hefty investment for any space, so it only makes sense to protect it with the greatest care possible. Our team is dedicated to helping you keep your system running at peak performance for years to come. We focus on providing comprehensive diagnostics on a scheduled basis to ensure you have the best possible service for your cooling system investment.

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